Review: Surrender to the Marquess

Surrender to the Marquess Surrender to the Marquess by Louise Allen
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It's always a treat to pick up a Louise Allen book, she weaves some of the best regency history in all her books with engaging characters and places. This book happily surprised me when I found out it was the third book in the Herriard line along with Forbidden Jewel of India & Tarnished Amongst the Ton, this time picking up with Lady Sara Herriard.

Sara has put everything behind her to start anew in a seaside town, healing after the sudden death of her husband. Her quiet world is turned up side down when she runs into Lucian Avery, Marquess of Cannock and his sister hiding their identity for some reason. Between Lucian and Sara's word sparing, Sara finds out more of why the Marquess is hiding and also trying to fight the draw Lucian has on her.

Lucian thought a quiet seaside town would be perfect after his sister's terrible elopement. He find himself at odds with Lady Sara who brings out his sister out of her sadness and brings out of his temper. The more he finds himself thrown together with Sara the more he fights his desire for her and the more he learns he just can't fight his feelings.

Much like the rest of her family, Sara is someone who is fighting the period of time she was born in. She doesn't come across as modern like we are now, but had beliefs and common sense that was looked down on women in that time. I loved Sara she was strong and had alot to put up with the men in her life and the code of honor she didn't agree with. The back and forth between her and Lucian that was the best part IMHO in the book as it showed the trust and the ideas of "honor". Between the two I think Sara changed the less, only grew stronger as a person and was willing to love again and risk her heart on someone that was different in views with Lucian.

Lucian on the other hand, could be a hardheaded with his life, family and his views. He changed the most, when he put himself in Sara's shoes and looked at her from her views. This toward the end gave way to a bit of a misunderstanding that dropped my rating along with another incident. I felt after the road Lucian took with Sara he would understand her more, but it was a big step back in my view. Do I think with Sara by his side he keep going forward. Yes. Still a bit of a downer. Yup. Along with the misunderstanding I truly didn't care for the sister and her beau who always tend to get into trouble that felt like it was just there to move the story along and cause headaches for everyone.

In the end this was the beauty of the story, no matter the trouble that comes one's way. If a couple finds common ground, understanding and love, they can work through alot together. Another wonderful keeper from Louise Allen!

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