Review: Bad Housekeeping: An Agnes and Effie Mystery

Bad Housekeeping: An Agnes and Effie Mystery Bad Housekeeping: An Agnes and Effie Mystery by Maia Chance
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Agnes Blythe is at a all time low in her life. After supporting her professor boyfriend for years in his career he sudden dumps her for the local Pilates instructor, kicks her out of the house and is going to judge her academic paper when she returns to school. To top it off, Agnes' Great Aunt Effie has shown up into town suddenly and wants to remodel the old family inn. Then to make matters even worse Agnes also runs into the town evil busy buddy Kathleen Todd who she has an heated exchange with, only for Kathleen to wind up dead her her Aunt's fixer-upper inn! Now Agnes and her Aunt are murder suspects and team up to track down the clues in who really wanted Kathleen Todd out of he picture.

I enjoy a fixer upper cozy mystery, with the fixer upper leading to more then what they fixer bargain for. In this case sadly, the inn was rarely showcased in the grand scheme with just a few scenes to it. The mystery was well done with Agnes and Effie tracking down a who started a rumor that lead to bigger clues and the trail of enemies Todd had.

I think the weakest part of the book was the characters themselves. I never found myself liking Agnes are Effie and while I did chuckle at some of the antics, I can say I never felt they endeared themselves to me. Agnes was always going on about her weight, her ex, her new beau(?), her aunt. The "woe is me" got a bit old with her and wanted her to be stronger. This of course is the first book in the series so I wouldn't be surprised to see hopefully bigger changes in her character as the series goes on.
In the end this was a nice little cozy with an big range of characters and a small town feel to pass the time with.

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