Review: Gardenia

Gardenia Gardenia by Kelsey Sutton
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

With the recent murder of her best friend, Ivy clock is ticking down. Since she was a child, Ivy could see the time of someone's life pass with a clock above their heads. Now her own time is running out the closer she looks for the killer on the loose. One who maybe closer then she thinks...

Gardenia at times pulls me one way then another. The setting of the story takes place in a small town, the thing was it could have been any town. Which perhaps the author was going for, as this killer could attack anywhere. I just wish there was more descriptions to make it a solid little town, and true time and place. This was the trouble I had with the story- I wanted more.

I felt for Ivy and really truly understood where she was coming from. Her seeing her own time slipping away, she tries to help those around her from the small to big things. Sadly, the rest of the cast didn't shine so bright and was only there to move the story along or just be a stumbling block in her path.

The mystery aspect of the book was the best, but it took sometime for the pace to really pick up. Then again the trouble was Ivy stumbling after this serial killer with vague clues and the major clue smacked her and the reader in the face. Which surprised me greatly in a good way and made alot of sense, this though felt somewhat rushed toward a conclusion.

In the end this turned out to be a good book with a good suspense plot.

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