Review: Dying Breath

Dying Breath Dying Breath by Heather Graham
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

When Vicki and the baby she is caring for Noah are almost killed by a madman, this triggers an ability in her to see the ghosts of the once living. Years later Vicki is once again pulled into a murder and kidnapping case when her named is mention in baffling clues.
This case reunites her with the cop who saved her and baby Noah all those years ago now a Special Agent- Griffin Price who works with the group called the Krewe of Hunters, paranormal agents. As the clues keep adding up along with missing women, friends and family of Vicki are pulled into the maelstrom of this killer calling themselves the Undertaker. Griffin and Vicki with the help of their ghost companions have to figure out the clues and stop the Undertaker before they strikes again.

I found myself enjoying the mystery and the history of clues that intertwined deeply with the city of Boston. I was fascinated with the places and the people.
What I wasn't to keen on was the odd bits of dialogue from the characters. Perhaps it was due to the formatting (which I worked with on my laptop, tablet and kindle just in case) but it felt very choppy and odd with alot of unneeded examination marks!! The characters of Griffin and Vicki were okay but I didn't feel their romance and would have been okay if they were just partners in this case with a slow burn between them. Much of the rest of the characters were pretty much just there to move the plot along.
I was very surprised in the outcome of the case and loved the suspense toward the end of the book and who was behind the Undertaker.
With this being the #21 book of the series, it was so easy to get into the book without having to read the rest of the series which I plan to check out.

In the end I really enjoyed the story and loved the history of Boston, but felt the characters just needed a bit more time to blossom.

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