Review: A Crown of Wishes

A Crown of Wishes A Crown of Wishes by Roshani Chokshi
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Everyone has that book they come across and fall hard for. That book that stays on the keeper shelf to be taken down time and again to re-visit the world the author has created. In 2016 The Star Touched Queen was the book for me. I read and re-read the book captured by the author's words and world building and how it came alive right in front of my eyes.

So when A Crown of Wishes was announced I was elated but also reserved, something that comes with every sequel of an amazing book. What the Star Touched Queen had in it's weak points, A Crown of Wishes had none. Everything was perfect! The world building again just shines so bright with each word just blossoming with one amazing description after another. And while this maybe called a sequel of some sorts it can and does stand alone with the world and one of characters being the only connection.

The characters of Gauri, the princess of Bharat,sister of Maya from The Star Touched Queen and Vikram the Fox Prince have so many facets that by the end you truly knew how they changed and grew from just the first few pages. From their distrust of one another to friendship and finally to love for each another. Their developing relationship made the book just that more enjoyable and deep, along with their banter. Again it just went to show you that loving someone can change your world and open your eyes to other things you may have missed or passed by. Gauri was so use to war and Vikram was use to playing the politic game. The both have to overcome so much relying on each other and themselves. The Tournament of Wishes they compete in was something completely different from we known in this genre of books.

Unlike other Tournaments or “Games” danger and strife was not Gauri and Vikram's sole companions. This was tournament of discovery of one self, that in itself is an adventure that can damage or heal wounds. But it's a discovery nevertheless, a discovery and some hard lessons that Gauri and Vikram grew from. They were able to understand and see things they may have not been able to before. Growing up to be stronger individuals and even stronger together.

A Crown of Wishes is another stunning book with a world I can't wait to re-visit time and again that leaves me with complete joy in my reader's heart.

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