Review: Girl Against the Universe

Girl Against the Universe Girl Against the Universe by Paula Stokes
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Some books hit you right in the feels and this book did more then that. It felt real in it's portrayal of mental illness and the slow baby steps it takes in therapy and the way Paula Stokes showed how therapy really works was something I applauded. I think this was the best portrayal of how real therapy works I've ever read.

Maguire was a wonderful heroine who trials tugged at my heartstrings. Each step she took you were cheering for her,every challenge she conquered you felt proud for her. All the people she meets along the way shine in their own way from her friends Jade and Penn to our hero Jordy who has his own fears to overcome.

The beauty of the romance between Jordy and Maguire is that it felt natural and not force. Neither one was the crutch for the other, they both helped each other and letting the other stand on their own two feet standing by their side.

The even pace was never hinder by over the top drama or any pity party on Maguire mental illness. It was just matter of fact and her journey. The trouble I did have was the ending felt a little to down pat, while it wrapped everything up nicely I just wish it may have went a different direction.

Still, I hold this book close to my heart for those of us who are still on our journey...

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