Review: The Secrets of Solace

The Secrets of Solace The Secrets of Solace by Jaleigh Johnson
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Being a huge fan of The Mark of the Dragonfly the debut of Jaleigh Johnson, I could not wait to journey back the the world she built in the first book. Johnson builds the world even more with The Secrets of Solace and while I really missed the crew of the 401, I enjoyed expanding the world with a few more mysteries and and everyone stuck in the middle of war.

Lina Winterbock a apprentice to the archivists, those who study the objects and animals that come from the meteors that land upon Solace. Lina finds searching her home in the stronghold of the mountains more interesting, now that her mentor is tied up in helping refugees from the war torn lands as the Iron War ravages the lands. Everyday is lonely until Lina stumbles upon a long buried object that seems to feel and Ozben that carries a heavy secret, both push Lina's life in a different direction that will change their world.

The Secrets of Solace felt like it was divided into two. The first half had it's slow turns and fast pulls, with the second half taking off like a rocket with page turning speeds in order to keep up. The first part I felt could been wrapped up with less of Lina inner monologue and perhaps more of Ozben of Lina interactions with Merlin the ship.

Now that this wasn't wasted by no means. It gave us a deeper understanding of our two leads in Lina who's hiding from the pain from of losing her parents and later her only anchor pushing her away for unknown reasons. Ozben out pain of being told he was just an extra being forces him to always trying to prove himself. These two build a strong friendship as they come together because of their loneliness this emotion always helps them with the thinking and feeling ship Merlin as they try to get it out of his cave-in prison.
We're introduced to even more mysteries through Merlin as we're shown that those at war is only a truly small part of the world with alot beyond the mountains.

The second part of the book shines as your tossed into one action packed scene to another, with alot of revelations that shuns and pulls at one's heartstrings.

The beauty of the story was sometimes we need someone to lean on and help us understand the world, to teach us that there is more then "me" and see others and understand the consequences of the not knowing or understanding before acting. Lina and Ozben open up instead of hiding within themselves. When they took the chance, it helped others open up as well.

While it had it had it's up in downs, I still really enjoyed The Secrets of Solace and can't wait to see more of the world and uncover the mysteries of Solace.

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