Review: Discovering Daisy

Discovering Daisy Discovering Daisy by Betty Neels
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Poor Daisy has had a rough road of late, when her puppy love beau turns out to be a asshat, falling into one of Holland's canals and getting mugged wasn't bad enough, worse it seems when she's at her lowest Mr. Jules der Huizma seems to always there to give her hand. She knows not to let this kind stranger near her heart, she's already been burnt and he's off limits being engaged. Only she didn't count on him falling in love with her.

This was one of the sweetest Betty Neels books I've read so far. Of course some of the troubles Daisy gets herself into as we're reminded of her being a “sensible person” seems a tad overkill. Only this makes her not so perfect and a reliable and determined human being in the end.
Daisy works at her father's antiques shop , so there's a gentle lull as the days go by Daisy tries to wrap her head around Jules and his motives and actions toward her.

Jules like Daisy slowly fall in love with the other, but with locations and Jules being engaged , it seems at times there love has no where to go. This I found the weakest part of the book. Jules being an honorable man feels like it has to be the woman to break the engagement. Knowing both don't love the other, I think he would have just gone on and married if something didn't come up for him to be able to break the engagement off.

Overall this was a small hindrance as Daisy and Jules relationship blossoms, it was very sweet how their able to get to know one another, and the proposal was the best part and left one with a happy smile on their face.

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