Review: A Betty Neels Christmas

A Betty Neels Christmas A Betty Neels Christmas by Betty Neels
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Simple and sweet, I can understand how Betty Neels can be a turn-off for some readers and beloved by others. Her stories can be a tad formulaic but there's something sorta simple and easy going in her works.

A Christmas Proposal 4 Stars: is a classic Cinderella story with the evil step-mother and beautiful evil step-sister pushing around the somewhat plain Cinderella - Bertha whom happens to be very kind-hearted but gets stepped on by her step-mother and sister. Then at a party she meets her Prince Dr. Oliver Hay-Smythe, who sees what's going on,and helps out as much as he can, but doesn't see himself falling in love with Bertha- his Cinderella.

Super cute, and very sweet, the drama came from the evil step-family getting in the way of love, but everyone knows nothing can stand in the way of LOVE! I would have liked for the step-mother and step-sister to have had a nice comeuppance but them losing in the end was the best revenge.

Winter Wedding 3.5 Stars: This felt and read like those classic romances, one where you hated the hero who you never know what is floating through their head, and plays it cool and hot one moment. Thrown into the mix is Emily who has alot of balance on her plate from her job a nurse, to taking care of her sister's twins and a very spoiled sister. I would have liked a tad more groveling from Professor Renier Jurres-Romeijn after the run around, but I cheered for Emily to find the love she deserved and Renier did have a good turn around in the end and one can see how much he loves Emily.

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