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Review: A Betty Neels Christmas

A Betty Neels Christmas by Betty Neels
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Simple and sweet, I can understand how Betty Neels can be a turn-off for some readers and beloved by others. Her stories can be a tad formulaic but there's something sorta simple and easy going in her works.

A Christmas Proposal 4 Stars: is a classic Cinderella story with the evil step-mother and beautiful evil step-sister pushing around the somewhat plain Cinderella - Bertha whom happens to be very kind-hearted but gets stepped on by her step-mother and sister. Then at a party she meets her Prince Dr. Oliver Hay-Smythe, who sees what's going on,and helps out as much as he can, but doesn't see himself falling in love with Bertha- his Cinderella.

Super cute, and very sweet, the drama came from the evil step-family getting in the way of love, but everyone knows nothing can stand in the way of LOVE! I would have liked for the step-mother and step-sister to have had a nice comeuppance but them losing in the e…