Review: Delivering the Truth

Delivering the Truth Delivering the Truth by Edith Maxwell
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I was first drawn to this book due to the midwifery and the historical setting. The history period is shown in great vivid detail on the pages, as you follow along with Quaker midwife Rose Carroll. Rose embodies her Friend upbringing, but that doesn't stop her from pushing against the tide to help those in need and help solve a murder mystery or two.
I really liked Rose, she kept a steady head on her shoulders, kept a ear out for any information that may help the cases she comes across. Most importantly when faced between a rock and a hard place, she didn't act to rashly. Sadly, she does happen to fall into a few cozy mystery troupes. One with getting herself into a bad fix plus the police asking a Quaker Midwife for help did push some of the boundaries of believability.
In the end this was a good start to this new series with a great foundation to build on.

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