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The Awakening Heart by Dorothy Mack

Review:Probably the best Dorothy Mack I've read! The romance was slow going that develops from not-so much enemies to friends to more.
Dinah Elcott was an unusual heroine. Who was so contained all her life by a father that pretty much left her in his sister's care, and a aunt that really couldn't care less about her niece's welfare. Dinah finds all she wants in needs in her art, she loses herself in brush strokes of colors, in the dancing of light off a lake surface. She finds no real need for human contact as she's had to live without anyone count on anyways.
So when she's sent to London in order to gain some town bronze and perhaps be married off, Dinah finds this an opportunity to improve her art. Only she has zero social skills, that makes her come across as a snob, spoiled girl.

While her hostess tries to bring Dinah out of her shell, her hostess cousin-in-law ,Charles Talbot, uses force with his barb wit and a little manipulation of her art study to g…