The Fog Diver by Joel Ross


The Fog Diver - Joel Ross

  When I first read about this book, I couldn't wait to get my greedy little reader hands on it. With the trouble of one's own hype, I'm happy to say it meant alot of my expectations.


  The world is covered with fog. Once the world was covered in smog and pollution, but scientists came up with the cure for all the pollution, Nanoites that would clean everything, only the Nanoites started to figure out that pollution wasn't the real problem but humans were. Attacking humans, the nanoites forced the humans into the highest mountain reaches.


  There only the richest rule with the poorest on floating bridges around the mountain and there a rag tag crew searches the fog covered land for pieces of the past, Hazel the fearless Captain, Swedish the daring pilot, Bes the wiz mechanic and Chess the tetherboy, with the ability to enter the fog unharmed as he was born in the fog. This ability has Chess sought after from Lord Kodoc, the evil overseer of mountain. And Chess and his crew are on the run as they try to find a cure for Mrs.E, the woman who took them in and cared for them, with Kodoc hot on their heels and a war breaking out and changes on the wind..


  The first time I read about the fog I couldn't help but think "OMG Skynet!" Expect the Nanoites don't kill off everything like the terminators, but only humans. Animals, trees and the such are left unharmed and thrive in this new fog covered world. They're not the only ones, but Chess does also.


  Born in the fog Chess gained almost super-human abilities in the fog and only the fog. Quiet, and thoughtful Chess has been on the run all his life and still running from the boogeyman that is Kodoc. I grew to really like Chess, but at times I wanted him to stop running and start fighting. His fear overrode his common sense but he grew through his journey to see the truth of what but whom he was running from, wasn't anything but a insane old man and not the monster he made him out to be.


  What also gives Chess his courage is his crew, his family. They back him up and help him when all the chips are down. I adored Hazel the captain who was the perfect leader and kept everyone on path. All the characters left such strong impressions that I loved everyone and was cheering for them in their fight against Kodoc.


  The pacing of the book was excellent but the world building was truly great with just enough to keep you on your toes then weighting you down with dumps of information.
I loved Fog Diver and eagerly looking forward to joining the crew again in book 2!

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