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The Fog Diver by Joel Ross

Review:  When I first read about this book, I couldn't wait to get my greedy little reader hands on it. With the trouble of one's own hype, I'm happy to say it meant alot of my expectations.  The world is covered with fog. Once the world was covered in smog and pollution, but scientists came up with the cure for all the pollution, Nanoites that would clean everything, only the Nanoites started to figure out that pollution wasn't the real problem but humans were. Attacking humans, the nanoites forced the humans into the highest mountain reaches.  There only the richest rule with the poorest on floating bridges around the mountain and there a rag tag crew searches the fog covered land for pieces of the past, Hazel the fearless Captain, Swedish the daring pilot, Bes the wiz mechanic and Chess the tetherboy, with the ability to enter the fog unharmed as he was born in the fog. This ability has Chess sought after from Lord Kodoc, the evil overseer of mountain. And Chess and…

Mark of the Thief by Jennifer A. Nielsen

Review:   Urg, this book has me tied in knots. I never knew how anything was going to played out. Then you get all cozy, safe in your nest then WHAM! Nielsen knocks you out of whatever comfort zone you may have fallen in to and your racing against the clock with Nic as he fights his way out of another jam.      Nic is a young mine slave, working through the dark mines. One day Nic is forced into going into a sealed cavern. Then under a Griffin paw's a bulla that once belong to Julius Caesar, a bulla with locked magic that everyone in Rome wants and now Nic has just unlocked that magic. Everyone wants that power and Nic with his new unleashed magic for their dark purposes.    Jennifer A. Nielsen creates a world with brutal Rome with back-stabbers around every corner added to the mix magic. The play of magic wasn't very pronounced but enough to know there was a unknown danger waiting..  Nic was a a great mix of loyalty, bravery and a whole alot of snarky humor. He still tried to…