Under the Egg by Fitzgerald, Laura Marx (2014) Hardcover - Laura Marx Fitzgerald

  Reading 'Under the Egg' I had to check once in awhile to see that this was a middle-grade book. Because at really no point did it feel like was reading something middle-grade but something beautifully profane for all ages.


 Theo has been making her way through life after the death of her grandfather, the best way she can. Slowly saving the little bit of money left. While taking care of her mother, who while a genius slowly drifts father away from social interaction. Theo is pretty much left on her own in a house that needs major work and the painting her grandfather left behind. Until one day she happens to spills rubbing alcohol on one painting, an egg, he always favor, and under the egg lays a hidden painting that puts Theo on a course of a lifetime.


  From the first page, Fitzgerald grabs a hold of me, from the summer heat that steams off the New York pavement, to the thoughts Theo has she tries to decode her grandfather's last words "Under The Egg". I was truly immersed in the journey of uncovering the truth behind this hidden painting. As we journey through a time of WW2 the now famous Monument Men and the lives the war effects that ripples through time. Some of the events this book covers may not be for all young child (maybe more 11 and up)but the message of not giving up is loud and clear.


  I loved Theo's character who was very mature for her age, but still a kid who had her doubts but she gets a boast of get-go from her new friendships along the way. But front and center through it all his her Grandfather's memory and words.


While there was some moments where one had to suspend ones disbelief, this didn't hinder it for me because the story just kept rolling along and a nice pace.


This was an amazing story that crosses time and places. An adventure and mystery for all ages.




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