The Girl at Midnight by Melissa Grey


The Girl at Midnight - Melissa Grey

  'The Girl at Midnight' is one of those books that left me with some unfinished feelings. It just left me hanging, even without a cliffhanger, it still felt it could have given more but just didn't reach that peak.

  For those who have compare the world of TGAM to 'the Daughter of Smoke and Bone' is pretty right on. You can see how the worlds are very similar but where Daughter of Smoke and Bone went on way with it's unique take. TGAM went another that helps the book stand on it own.

  You have two different magical beings the Drakharin and Avicen who have been at war for so long, and humans none the wiser. Then we have Echo who has been adopted by Avicen who steals for the fun of it, with enough sass to keep upbeat. Thrown into the middle to find the Firebird that can stop this never-ending war, Echo teams up with some unlikely allies.

   Echo was okay, she could be a teenager which in itself isn't bad, but sometimes she could be a little to flippant when some serious thought was in dire need. I did see some major growing up from Echo toward the end and can see her growing up to be a fierce leader.


  The rest of the cast were alright, but due to the flip of to many POVs I don't think I could truly grasp each individual characters and their strengths and weakness.

The story did have it parts that shined from it's descriptions to the use of words (that a word hoarder like myself enjoyed learning about) Then it sadly, fell into something predictable. Not to mention to weird "love triangle" that left me wondering "how" and "why now"?


  Still, I can see and truly hope The Girl of Midnight coming into their own with plenty of room for the world to flourish.



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