A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas


A Court of Thorns and Roses - Sarah J. Maas

 Never being able to get into Sarah J.Maas popular series Throne of Glass. I took a chance with her series and was I just blown away! This had me hooked from page one and still the story lingers in my mind. From the written beautiful visuals, the slowly unraveling mystery and the solid characters.


  Mass created a amazing heroine in Feyre whose a great mix of hunter, artist, caregiver. Because she cares so deeply for her family, even if they treat her with not so great respect, she still pushes through to provide for her family. This leads her into alot of trouble when she kills a fae hiding as a wolf. This leads to one of the High Lords-Tamlin tracking her down for the fae's death, her life in exchange for the fallen fae.
  As Feyre is thrown into the Fae world, she finds that the feared fae has their own great fears and troubles that are tearing their world apart and this blight is slowing spreading to her world and Feyre has a very short time to stop this chaos from destroying everything in it's way.


  Feyre was a wonderful character to follow, not to say she didn't do some dumb things. Like not listening,being hard-headed and stubborn. On the flip side this helped her to listen and her stubbornness kept her going when everything was truly bleak. She fights to her last breathe and it's her heart that leads helps and leads her.

   The romance is on slow burn between Feyre and Tamlin and I couldn't have loved it any more then I do. It starts off with mistrust and hate, and the burn between them is gradual and isn't something that happens right away - so those who hate insta-love troupe, have no fear it in this book. I loved the sensual aspect and whoa *fans self* Tamlin can be pretty darn hot.

  Tamlin himself was another great mix of fae and beast, with like Feyre his heart is strong and cares very deeply. To see how much he cares for Feyre and those of his court, and his friendships with Lucien and others is truly beautiful.
  The reader's heart breaks many times as the mystery behind Tamlin and the fae, the trials of Feyre and the hardships along the way. Still this book kept dragging me back!      

  The mystery behind it all, clicked so nicely into place and yet left so much to undiscovered,(I wonder about Night Court's Lord Rhys) but the book didn't leave on a cliffhanger, but on a much needed rest spot.


I've fallen hard for this new series, and maybe is the push to getting me reading Maas's other series. Either way, I'm truly looking forward to book 2!

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Jazmen said…
I haven't heard anything bad yet. Two sleeps keep me away from this book can't wait to read it!
Rane Aria said…
I hope you enjoy this great book Jazmen, I was greatly surprised and can't wait for book 2!

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