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Review:  Reading 'Under the Egg' I had to check once in awhile to see that this was a middle-grade book. Because at really no point did it feel like was reading something middle-grade but something beautifully profane for all ages. Theo has been making her way through life after the death of her grandfather, the best way she can. Slowly saving the little bit of money left. While taking care of her mother, who while a genius slowly drifts father away from social interaction. Theo is pretty much left on her own in a house that needs major work and the painting her grandfather left behind. Until one day she happens to spills rubbing alcohol on one painting, an egg, he always favor, and under the egg lays a hidden painting that puts Theo on a course of a lifetime.  From the first page, Fitzgerald grabs a hold of me, from the summer heat that steams off the New York pavement, to the thoughts Theo has she tries to decode her grandfather's last words "Under The Egg". I …

Omega City by Diana Peterfreund

Review: 'Omega City' by Diana Peterfreund quickly became one of my new favorite adventure books! Plus, it's comparison to one of my all time favorite movies 'The Goonies' didn't hurt either!
 Unlike lost pirate treasure, this treasure comes from a scientist who worked at the height of the Cold War- Dr. Underberg, whose worked was the better man. Until one day his simply vanish or died leaving behind alot of unanswered questions.  Gillian Seagret's father career has recently been ruined after his Dr.Underberg's book has been debunked as completely false. Gillian knows in her heart that her father and Dr.Underberg words ring true. When she and her friends stumble upon Underberg's last decoded page, this set off a string of events that lead to a under ground city - Omega City. I loved pretty much everything about this book, from the characters, the setting and the mystery surrounding Underberg's last works & of course the hidden Omega City. The…

A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas

Review: Never being able to get into Sarah J.Maas popular series Throne of Glass. I took a chance with her series and was I just blown away! This had me hooked from page one and still the story lingers in my mind. From the written beautiful visuals, the slowly unraveling mystery and the solid characters.  Mass created a amazing heroine in Feyre whose a great mix of hunter, artist, caregiver. Because she cares so deeply for her family, even if they treat her with not so great respect, she still pushes through to provide for her family. This leads her into alot of trouble when she kills a fae hiding as a wolf. This leads to one of the High Lords-Tamlin tracking her down for the fae's death, her life in exchange for the fallen fae.
  As Feyre is thrown into the Fae world, she finds that the feared fae has their own great fears and troubles that are tearing their world apart and this blight is slowing spreading to her world and Feyre has a very short time to stop this chaos from destr…

The Mad Apprentice by Django Wexler

Review:  Taking place a few months after 'The Forbidden Library' Alice is still studying by her "Uncle" Geryon's side as to be a Reader. Still biding her time in learning what game is being played and who is playing along or using her as a pawn in an even bigger game.
Suddenly a well known and old Reader is killed by their apprentice, and Alice is to join other Reader's apprentices in order to see if this Reader's books are all in order, and to bring in dead or alive, the killer apprentice, Jacob. Only there's something more terrifying lurking that may be the real thing pulling everyone's strings.  Unlike The Forbidden Library that was more mystery based, The Mad Apprentice was more action based as Alice and the other Apprentice are forced into bringing back the mad apprentice Jacob as the travel through the reader's Library Labyrinth. The Labyrinth that is suppose to be asleep and returned to the book after it's Readers' death is sti…

The Girl at Midnight by Melissa Grey

Review:  'The Girl at Midnight' is one of those books that left me with some unfinished feelings. It just left me hanging, even without a cliffhanger, it still felt it could have given more but just didn't reach that peak.  For those who have compare the world of TGAM to 'the Daughter of Smoke and Bone' is pretty right on. You can see how the worlds are very similar but where Daughter of Smoke and Bone went on way with it's unique take. TGAM went another that helps the book stand on it own.

  You have two different magical beings the Drakharin and Avicen who have been at war for so long, and humans none the wiser. Then we have Echo who has been adopted by Avicen who steals for the fun of it, with enough sass to keep upbeat. Thrown into the middle to find the Firebird that can stop this never-ending war, Echo teams up with some unlikely allies.   Echo was okay, she could be a teenager which in itself isn't bad, but sometimes she could be a little to flippant …