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The Forbidden Library by Django Wexler

The Forbidden Library by Django Wexler

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Thrown into a world that could only live in dreams or nightmares. Alice is thrown into a world where "Readers" can travel into the world of books meet, fight and capture creatures to harness these magical creatures abilities and find magical words.
This world has a deeply dark side with older ancient Readers using many means necessary to gather and steal each others books in order to gather this magic using their Reader apprentices to do their dirty work as pawns in a game that seem to have no end. Alice is at a lost in this world not knowing she a Reader herself and with the sudden death of her father. Alice must quickly learn to survive this new world she has found herself in, find out the truth of what happen her father and those who are known as Readers.

The world that Django Wexler created in Forbidden Library is vast and unique with "Readers" entering the books they read that is very real a…

Queen's Library Updated!

My poor neglected review blog has finally been cleaned up. Updated with all my latest reviews thanks in part to the Booklikes new synchronization Not to mention a new clean design that made realize I haven't worked with my graphic designs in really long time. (feel a tad rusty)    If anyone also has a review blog and like to link or follow. Drop me a comment :D  Original

The Burning Sky (The Elemental Trilogy, #1)

  With a whole lot of curiosity I delved into this book, and was completely immersed in the world Sherry Thomas created. I was hooked by page one! Everything from the characters to the magical world and the time period. This didn't feel at all like a YA, maybe because both leads Iolanthe Seabourne & Prince Titus VII while only 16 acted mature for their ages and didn't act sullen or whine about their life, but took life by the horns and thought their actions through instead of jumping the gun and rushing into danger.  I loved the twists and turns that Thomas threw at the reader, keeping one of their toes but didn't leave the book on some cliffhanger but with some loose threads that will lead to the next book, which I quickly picked up as I love this magical world and couldn't wait to catch up with Iolanthe and Titus again!