Firebug (Firebug, #1) by Lish McBride


Firebug - Lish McBride

  Lish McBride throws you smack dab in the middle of the fray with Firebug, as the reader your force to run to keep up the action that is Firebug from page one. Along the ride we join our firebug Ava whose stuck in between a rock and a really crappy job as a hired assassin for a magical mafia called Coterie. Her team and best friends of the half-druyd Lock and were-fox Ezra go out and clean up and take out anyone who has crossed the Coterie leader Veuns.

  But when Veuns puts out a hit for one of Ava's dear friends, she revolts and now she along with those she loves are on the run and must find allies to finally make a stand.




 I adored Ava and her snarky sense of humor and her deep love for her love ones. Ava doesn't pull her punches and that can get her into some hot water, but she stands-fast to her morals.
 Along with the awesomeness that is Ava we have her crew with the smooth talking/mother hen cutie Lock and the "Foxy", flirty, and funny Ezra make up some great characters that keep everything moving and balance along with some great secondary characters.


 The action takes true preceded from page one and that was great almost felt like a video game, but the beginning of Firebug felt like I was placed in the middle of a chapter instead at page one. This was a tad confusing but the story quickly unfolds and your caught up in the story to truly notice.


 I love this debut and thankfully this didn't end on ending cliffhangers but did leave with a few loose threads that I'm looking forward to more from this series.

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