Agnes Grey by Anne Brontë

Agnes GreyAgnes Grey by Anne Brontë

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While her sisters may have started in the realm of Gothic romance, Anne Bronte gave us realism and if you dreamed once being a governess was awesome from reading Jane Eyre, Anne's Agnes Grey puts that notice to bed once and for all, with the question would have anyone have liked to have been a governess in this time and age?

Anne does give us at times an ironic view of the higher society in the way they handle their children and in their own actions of not being to blamed when one of their kids gets out of line as they handed their kids off to the nurse or governess to be raised.
Agnes starts off as a open but shelter child, who matures slowly, falling back on her own teachings and childhood to get her through some bad times with some truly spoiled and mean children she has to care for.
She truly doesn't change throughout the novel, but finds her inner strength when the chips are down. Does she get on my nerves? Yes. Only when I felt she should have stood up for herself, but as a product of her time and the terms of her employment one can see she must keep her anger and misgivings to herself. This didn't stop me from wanting to kick some of the characters in the butt for their gross and hurtful actions.

Still, I can see where Anne herself as a writer was a force to be reckon with with her style that pulled the reader in and real life truth that made one see things in a different light.

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Em said…
I actually re-read this one recently! I love Charlotte, but I think that Anne is my favorite Bronte sister just because her books are so real!
Thanks for sharing, glad that you enjoyed this one!

Em @ The YA Book Butterfly
Rane Aria said…
Thank you Em! This was really great and Anna truly stands on her own :D I'm looking into more of her works

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