Becoming Lady Lockwood by Jennifer Moore

Becoming Lady LockwoodBecoming Lady Lockwood by Jennifer Moore

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I have a confession to make. I adore seafaring novels of any sort. Although a landlubber down to my sparkle painted toenails and no doubt will never set foot on a boat. I can get lost in many books that deal with sailing and much of Becoming Lady Lockwood takes places on the high seas.

Not only did Moore capture so nicely the everyday of those sailors of past but created a true family on board making it so understandable how many sailors of old and new can go to war with their brothers and sisters at arms. Their family through blood, pain and tears.

Amelia Beckett is an oddity of sorts, but so lovable and understanding that she just fit into the crew without breaking the mold into a more modern fit. Even when the chips are down her inner strength pulls her through sometimes at some very heartbreaking moments.
It was Amelia's actions that prove she's not the gold-digger Captain Sir William Drake thinks she is, and their relationship grows from somewhat hateful to a deep love.

William at times could be so thick-headed I wouldn't have been to surprised if Amelia hit him over the head. This quickly changes as on a ship he has a close eye on her and her actions and truly sees her for the woman she is. It was cute to see William change from a somewhat gruff captain to the love-stuck man whose willing to do anything to win Amelia by his side.

The perfect story wasn't without it's bumps in the road with the slight misunderstanding between William and Amelia that could have been cleared up quickly without tears shed. Another, the villains of the piece had me rolling my eyes in their dastardly deeds, with even a mustache twirling villain that seemed to me a tad over the top and out of place in the overall story.

Nothing though could truly ruin this amazing story! It was worth the lack of sleep with vivid descriptions of the sea and a sailor's life when at war and the trials of failing in love. Beautiful Story

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Em said…
I hadn't ever heard of this one! But I'm like you, I LOVE seafaring novels! Thanks so much for sharing, I will definitely be reading this one especially since you enjoyed it so much!

Em @ The YA Book Butterfly
Rane Aria said…
This was just amazing and with clean writing and great solid characters, and of course great seafaring elements! I hope you like it :D

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