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The Holly and the Ivy by Elisabeth Fairchild

The Holly and the Ivy by Elisabeth Fairchild

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Christmas for some can be double-edged. One side showing the joy and the togetherness we feel when we are with our love ones. The other a sharp dull pain for those who we have lost or the inability to be with the ones we love.
Fairchild again writes the harder side of life and in the time of Christmas while showing us one thing Christmas is know for the most: hope.

Mary River is spending time with her grandmother in London away from her family this Christmas. She tries to make the best of it on her own for her dear but ailing grandmother. Missing her family and dealing with a few troubles along the way, she uses her cheerfulness and smiles as a shield to hide her loneliness. Her smile is what attaches and repulses her grandmother's cold neighbor, Lord Balfour aka Lord Thorn.

Balfour is dealing with a great deal of grief for the lost of his only true friend he's had since he was a boy. Abandoned by his …

A Timeless Romance Anthology: Silver Bells Collection

A Timeless Romance Anthology: Silver Bells Collection by Lucinda Brant

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I always love when the Timeless Romance Anthology comes out and the Silver Bells Collection brings another cute collection for the season!

FAIRY CHRISTMAS by Lucinda Brant 3.5 stars
Starting off in a misunderstanding it takes another older couple whom are finding love to help a young woman in her own love filled journey.

A CHRISTMAS PROMISE by Sarah M. Eden 5 stars

I always look forward to Eden's works in these anthologies with their charming stories of love and A Christmas Promise is no different. With a lost Sean Kirkpatrick whose on his way to his new employment and finding love unexpectedly in Maeve Butler who helps him find his way in more then one way. This was just another excellent example of Eden's works with beautiful characters all around and a few surprises along the way.

"..But the trait that most defines us is the heart of a poet, and it shows most in quiet momen…