What Is Hidden (What Is Hidden, #1) by Lauren Skidmore

What Is Hidden (What Is Hidden, #1)What Is Hidden by Lauren Skidmore

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3.5 Stars
A world where everyone hides behind a true mask and a city based on our own Venice. I found myself truly falling in love with the world Lauren Skidmore created within the pages of "What is Hidden".
The world has the potential to be very vast and we only scratch the surface in this book as we follow Evie a young artisan who creates masks for others along with her father. Life is great spending time with her best friend Adien, and creating masks. Until one day everything changes when a criminal and thief named the Chameleon kills her father along with stealing his masks and branding her own face with his mark. Now Evie and Adien must quickly find who the Chameleon is and why he's doing this before he strikes again..
Evie was the first heroine I've come across in awhile who acted her age. She was strong and sassy, but could be scared, and a tad girly. She was at the stage of growing up and I loved her for it. She took charge when things looked bad and didn't hide her head when things got tough. On the flip-side I felt at times Evie was to focus on other matters to give time to the big concern of the Chameleon. The lack of focus in that regard made me question to much in where the story was headed- as "who" the chameleon was was very obvious. Evie should have become her own Nancy Drew and start looking around.
Another obvious quirk was Adien and what he was hiding which, but was meant for a bigger part later in the series. I really enjoyed Adien and his banter with Evie. He truly cared and while there was a misunderstanding between them, it was sweet how Adien asked for another chance and had the patience to earn Evie's trust again.

Forgetting the obvious, and the somewhat anticlimactic ending, my biggest love and dislike was the use of masks. I loved how the author created "classes" of masks and the even those who didn't wear the masks were very clever and beautiful. The trouble was how easily the Chameleon was able to steal and take over these masks. This flaw I thought perhaps would have been addressed sooner in case of someone playing the imposer. The Chameleon himself stated that the country was trusting and maybe that was at the heart of the matter and how masks hide even our arrogance, our feelings not just our faces.

Even with the troubles, I truly loved it. The vast world yet to discover and who is behind Chameleon I'm looking forward to reading more from this author and the start to her series.

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