Prelude for a Lord by Camille Elliot

Prelude for a LordPrelude for a Lord by Camille Elliot

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

You just know when you've fallen hard for a book; maybe it's by that last page and that happy little sigh that comes from you or staying up late with bloodshot eyes because you couldn't put it down. That's pretty much what happen to me with Camille Elliot's Prelude for a Lord. Every single character, page, event hit just the right note for me, I couldn't wait to see what would happen and I also didn't want it to end.

Lady Alethea Sutherton is consider a great oddity with her dislike for society, being somewhat taller then fashion and most of all her love for playing the violin. Outcast from society because of these quirks and tossed from her home after the death of her father and brother with her cousin taking on the title. Alethea lives with her Aunt and waits and plans for the day she can gain her inheritance and leave to Italy where her music will be appreciated. Life isn't so easy however, when someone takes a great interest in her violin that puts herself and love ones in danger. With her only option left is turning to a man she dislikes deeply, but hopes that can help Lord Dommick to track down who maybe after her and her violin.

Alethea has grown hard from life and it's punches, but not cold. She tends to hide from others her feelings and self as she can't trust others not to lash out at her or hurt her or use her to their gain - like her father and brother very much did. Alethea isn't afraid of throwing her own bards and punches.She slowly emerges from her shell as she finds something she wanted so much- acceptance. She finds it in her new cousin, new friends but oddly enough that she finds it in Lord Dommick a man who once put her down because of her playing of the violin, but comes to see his own mistakes and a type of shared pain, and later love.

Dommick's friends know as Quartet, family and music brought him out of his own personal hell from his return from war, thinking even himself mad (today we know it as PTSD), Dommick tends to walk a fine line as he tries and repair the damage his "madness" cause her mother and sister. Getting mixed up with Alethea wasn't something he wants or plans but when a incentive is cast his way if he helps solves whose after the violin, he sees this as his chance to heal the breach of his family and society. He doesn't plan on Alethea though. The fights between them later forms into a deep understanding that scares Dommick as he fears that the demons that haunt him will pull Alethea down as well. It's through this understanding that is the gift from Alethea that he's able to slowly start to heal from the mental wounds and open his heart.

The romance and mystery aspect went hand in hand through out the book. Forcing Alethea and Dommick together makes the development of their growing relationship and love more believable and the reader still guessing on whose behind it all. The pace was non-stop and even with the lulls there was always something going on or another clue the author drops.
I loved every piece of this book, Camille Elliot never rushed anything, but slowly developed each character into someone that pulls at ones heartstrings and who you cheer for toward their HEA. Dommick and Alethea growing love for one another was just perfect and truly heartfelt.

I'm happy to have discover Camille Elliot and looking forward to her works, being that there's still Dommick's friends the Quartet to see about and their own HEAs!

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