A Glove Shop in Vienna and Other Stories by Eva Ibbotson

A Glove Shop in Vienna and Other StoriesA Glove Shop in Vienna and Other Stories by Eva Ibbotson

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Some short stories are meant to connect by a thread or another. With A Glove Shop in Vienna the only thing that links them is the author from her great loves you seen in her other books from ballet, Russia, family, love affairs,governess and hope. All with her added style and humor. Each is it's own little jewel that can stand alone and appreciation for itself.

Vicky & The Christmas Angel
5 stars
The meaning of growing up and still holding the true meaning of Christmas within your heart. Brought tears to my eyes and warmth to my heart.

Doushenka 4 stars
Sometimes that great love is fleeting and sometimes that Great Love can be an strange gift from someone unlikely

This Beetroot is Not Screaming 2 stars
The story and the trouble one young student brings to her teacher and it's university funny but a tad flat

A Rose in Amazonia
5 stars
A second chance at love when things look they will be ending only to be truly beginning

A Little Disagreement 4 stars
Ibbotson shows her humor when a disagreement spans years

Tangle of Seaweed 4 stars
A Deus ex machina in the form of a young boy, changes the lives of four people at all places the aquamarine!

5 stars
A young love that survives through the years and war

A Dark-Haired Daughter 3 stars
Because there's no denying a mother's love for her baby no matter the gender you wish it!

This Year's Winner
5 stars
When a young girl is chosen to complete in Miss.Galaxy she finds more then she bargain for and because winner of much more..

The Great Carp Ferdinand
5 stars
the hero of this tale is the Great Carp Ferdinand who was suppose to be Christmas dinner and the trouble he brings the family days before Christmas

Osmandine 4 stars
Sometimes one just needs to listen and vent troubles to bring true healing that pills in a bottle don't fix as easily

The Brides of Tula 2 stars
Because it had adultery I didn't care for it, although the story of what's truly right for you was very pronounce

With Love and Swamp Noises4 stars
Sometimes it takes all kinds to build something truly great- and something memorable like having a woman give birth in a museum could do it!

The Adultery of Jenny Craig4 stars
(notwithstanding the name) I found this to be a tad more eye-opening in terms of adultery and it not being as cut and dry and one thinks.

Theatre Street
5 stars
The power love of love as it conquers through war and time.

The Magi of Markham Street 3 stars
Putting on a children's play is tough work! Add to the mix of finding a real baby to play baby Jesus and then having the cops involved.... and a stroke of luck

The Little Countess 3 stars
When and overworked and tried English governess has it up to here with so much drama she finally just ask the simple question "Why?"

A question of Riches
5 stars
The question of being rich and being rich at heart was never so beautifully told.

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