Mortal Arts (Lady Darby, #2) by Anna Lee Huber

Mortal Arts (Lady Darby, #2)Mortal Arts by Anna Lee Huber

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Once again Lady Kiera Darby is thrown into another inquiry this time dealing with her old friend and art teacher William Darby. William was thrown into an insane asylum by his evil father. The situation become even more dire when a local girl is killed and eyes turn to the still healing and troubled William.
With the aid of Sebastian Gage, Kiera set out to fight for the innocence of her beloved friend and find the turn killer.

As sequels go, this just blew the first book away. The story never slowed nor hinder which was my biggest complaint in LD #1. This was also a tad darker as it dealt with mental illnesses in a time where it was never understood as the individual was thrown into an asylum without a backward glance.
I felt poor Kiera was dealt even heavier personal blows this time around. She still has a dark cloud hovering over her from her disaster of a first marriage. With William she feels like he holds a part of her childhood with his kindness he showed a lonely young girl when she needed a friend to turn to.
Add to that is her confusion over her feelings with Gage who still is a mystery to her yet is showing another side to himself with his actions. Their developing relationship still intrigues me greatly that it leaves me wondering what path it'll take.

The mystery was not about the who. You knew who was behind it all, but the how and the why is the the driving force. The ending didn't have a truly HEA feel to it, but it did have one truly fitting.

I can't get enough of this series or Anna Lee Huber writing that I quickly picked up Lady Darby #3!

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