Scandal's Virgin by Louise Allen

Scandal's VirginScandal's Virgin by Louise Allen

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3.5 Stars

I would find myself getting deeply distressed if I lived in hindsight all the time. - Andrew Lincoln

At times I found myself at odds with the actions of the characters, mostly by the heroine. Louise Allen has tackle the secret baby plot line, this time around the heroine Lady Laura Campion was tricked and lied to, and when she finds out the child she thought she lost is alive she pulls out all the stops in order to be close to her child again.
The road block in the road is her daughter's guardian and now adopted father Avery Falconer, Earl of Wykeham who not only does she fight and does not trust but she is also fighting a strong attraction that may lead her to more hurt or a second chance at love.

In the beginning Laura had all the cards in her favor. She had the truth and proof and could have easily gone up to Avery and put it all on the line. Instead she lies. She hides and then she traps. At times I could understand why she did what she did. In the beginning she wanted to be near her daughter Alice and see if Avery was a good man. She finds for fact Avery truly loves Alice. Then she had her chance to tell her instead hides behind a misunderstanding, a lie because she couldn't or wouldn't face the truth.

Allen portrayed faulty human nature with Laura, a need that blinds to all things. Laura’s fault was that she only saw her need, her daughter, and her wants. She didn't see the effect it would have on others until almost the bitter end.

Avery also played a part with his own prejudices and lack of trust. Plus it takes two to tango and he could have easily showed Laura the front door when she set out to trap him.

What bothers me most was it could have so easily been cleared up with just a few words. Then I think that just proved human nature how easy it is to hide our troubles, get angry then to truly just sit down and talk. Laura and Avery finally settled down and finally laid it all out in the line.

Louise Allen really penned a good read and while it did annoy me it did leave me some food for thought in human nature and hindsight.

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