The Pickled Piper (Pickled & Preserved, #1) by Mary Ellen Hughes

The Pickled Piper (Pickled & Preserved, #1)The Pickled Piper by Mary Ellen Hughes

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Piper Lamb has moves back to the place she's called home after calling it quits in a dead-end relationship. Opening a pickling and preserves shop called Piper’s Picklings, things are looking good until a local man is found in her picking barrel and her assistant, Amy's boyfriend is being accused. In order to prove his innocent, Piper puts away her preserves and puts on her sleuth hat. She better be careful because the killer has her in their sight and she may get burned...

This had everything I enjoy in a cozy. Small town feel, good cast of characters and a great sleuth in Piper. Piper lead with her head and didn't go running into danger without second thought, something cozy sleuths can be guilty of from time to time. Piper slowly gather motives and clues, and does she have alot to swim through! The murder victim, Alan Rosemont, was a jerk and made many people of the town very angry. Piper has many suspects but the clues and motives can be a tad hazy.

There were plenty of motives but clues were few and far between. This is more of my own preference as I love putting the puzzle pieces to figure out whodunit and see if I was right *grins* Another trouble I had was the hint of a Love Triangle in the next book. Between Will the cutie Christmas tree framer and Piper's clueless ex is coming back on the scene. I'm hoping it's all smoke and no fire and this triangle is tossed out early and a positive growing relationship is able to bloom between Piper and Will.

A sweetly wonderful start to this new series and as a person who does some pickling herself some great ideas and recipes to check out- looking forward to book two!

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