Alibis and Amethysts by Sharon Pape

Alibis and AmethystsAlibis and Amethysts by Sharon Pape

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Jaye Saylor is living her dream! Owner of a crystal and gemstone store, Crystal Clear, in Sedona, Arizona side by side the Red rock area where tourists flock to make use of the area and the gemstones powers. Along with her BFF Sierra who owns the local bakery life is pretty good.
Until a bakery rival of Sierra is found dead in Sierra's backyard and all evidence points to Jaye and Sierra and it's up to them along with their friend Daniel and a creature a , not-a-cat , to prove their innocence.

I was completely fascinated in the world Sharon Pape created with "Alibis and Amethysts " with the use of geology, vortexes, a dash of paranormal with added legends of the Navajo. Sharon Pape blended it all so well. Jaye not only investigates the death of Peggy, Sierra’s bakery competitor, she meets a strange creature, a not-a-cat, Raffles, who loves taking things and replacing them with other things and maybe not be of this plane.

Jaye had a hard life, so she's very protective of her friend Sierra and vice versa. Added to the three musketeers is Daniel, a Navajo, who maybe the love interest to Jayne, who was a cutie in his interactions with Jayne helping her with information about Raffles from his grandmother and mother and working with the girls to figure out who the true killer is.

All play off one another very well and do have good heads on their shoulders that they don't run into trouble to much. The characters were a real joy to read about, each bring something to the story that helps move not only the story along but in picking up clues.

Jaye and Sierra both played it safe throughout until the end where they made a dumb move in confronting the murderer on their home turf. Thankfully the third in the group Daniel knew it was a bad and thought ahead.
The story was fast paced with the paranormal twists that didn't overshadow but enhanced the story. Even the clues were clever tie ins that it took me awhile to figure out whodunit. This was very well done start to this new series.

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