Guidebook to Murder by Lynn Cahoon

Guidebook to MurderGuidebook to Murder by Lynn Cahoon

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Jill Gardner has left behind the fast paced life as a lawyer and a marriage gone south to settle South Cove, California and open a book store Coffee, Books, and More. Things maybe slow at the shop but they are peaceful until, a sudden call from her dear friend, Miss Emily, things quickly go downhill. Miss Emily is receiving threats to kick her out of her home, Jill thinking to find out more about this and check on her friend find herself in devastated when she finds her friend dead. Dealing with the lost Jill has much more on her shoulders when Miss. Emily has named her, her heir, inheriting everything along with alot of trouble. Because Jill starts receiving her own threats along with pressure from the city and an outside builder wanting the house and the confirmation that Miss.Emily was killed. Now it's a race to find the killer before Jill is next on the list.

I was quickly wrapped up in the story from page one. A owner of a bookstore, come on what's not to love? The overall trouble I had with the book was the MC Jill. She had ALOT to deal with and as a human being who has lost a dear friend it's portrayed very natural. The trouble was at times Jill showed no backbone toward certain characters when in others she would stand her ground. I wanted her to speak up and really show some gumption. I also think that was the beauty of it all was Jill was a complete human in her actions and thoughts and knew when to push and back off.
Along the ride Jill has some backup in her friend Amy and Detective Greg King aka the love interest to help her as she starts to gather clues.
The mystery was very well paced with Jill digging into Emily's past with alot of surprises on the path with the killer being somewhat of a surprise in itself- only goes to show one don't judge a book by it's cover.

A great start to a series. I'm truly looking forward to the next book in this series!

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