Bloom and Doom by Beverly Allen

Bloom and DoomBloom and Doom by Beverly Allen

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

"Flowers are a perfect replica of human life"

Audrey Bloom, co-owner of The Rose in Bloom along with her cousin Liv, create amazing flower arrangements for brides. Audrey uses the language of flowers to make specific bridal bouquets for each bride. With a record of each couple she's worked with still together. That is until someone shows up dead.

Audrey's ex-bff Jenny is getting married to the town heartthrob- Derek. Audrey is surprised at the couple but holds her reservations as she works on the arrangements. That is until Jenny comes to her with her own concerns and decides to break up with him. That is until Derek is found dead with the Jenny's bouquet. Now Audrey is picking up clues in order to prove Jenny innocence before the wrong person is sent to big house.

I was quickly wrapped up in this book with the delightful cast of character just keeping it rounded. Audrey our sleuth was just plain fun, her sense of humor was a riot! She was open-minded to the clues she was given and doesn't go looking for trouble, although trouble does seem to follow her. Audrey not only has her hands-full with weddings and funerals she's confused about her feelings for the local cutie cupcake baker and (maybe)love interest Nick Maxwell.
Her friends and family also back up Audrey when times get tough and her team not only at the shop but on the case.

Clues are slowly given to the reader. The suspects list was given later on in the book, so your kept in the dark on whodunit, but the author did just a great job in the build up when it's reveled who was behind it. Along with a secondary mystery that was a great tie-in and just added another surprise.

This was such a great debut and quickly became another series I can't wait to see more from!

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