The Rake's Redemption by Sherrill Bodine

The Rake's RedemptionThe Rake's Redemption by Sherrill Bodine

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Our pasts effects us deeply and through this foundation one grows. Dominic, the Marquis of Aubrey has been running away from his past, and still running until he's stopped by Juliana Grenville a young widow, who makes him face up to his past in order to face his future.

Juliana was that strong heroine and one must be strong in order to break down the walls and dispense the shadows that Dominic has wrapped himself in. Juliana has her hands full when Dominic pulls and pushes her away.
Dominic has been in love with Juliana for a long time from the stories her husband told him in his days when they both served in the army. Dominic feels sullen and doesn't feel he deserves her and quickly bows out. Only she's already shined light into his darkness and he's having trouble running away from love.

I've always enjoyed the story of second chances at love and the power of healing. Dominic scars run deep and because of them he tends to run scare which for me got a tad old. It was heartbreaking when the truth was finally reveled but thankfully for Dominic he had Juliana and his brother to help him move forward. All the characters were very engaging and kept the story moving along nicely.

It's great to see some of these old regencies being reprinting in ebook format. This also happens to be the first in the series and I'm looking forward to reading more about Dominic's brother and revisting this cast of characters.

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