Running from Scandal by Amanda McCabe

Running from ScandalRunning from Scandal by Amanda McCabe

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Taking place a few years after 'The Runaway Countess' we catch up with the newly widow Emma Bancroft who after an elopement gone wrong is back broken hearted at Barton Park when she meets up with the closed off David Marton, who is dealing with his own aftereffects from a disaster of a marriage. A widower in his own right now, he has a daughter to care for. When Emma sweeps into his life love takes them both unexpectedly and this time there's no running away.

I was greatly surprised how Emma changed from the clever, sensible young woman to running away with the first guy who showed interest in her. After the crap she put up with the men in her life you would think she be a tad more leery. While I didn't care for this, it showed that Emma was still very much ruled by her heart. Emma becomes the sensible and yet free spirit when she meets up with David.

David has always put duty before love, this hides a playful soul if he just loosen up! As he meets with Emma again he finds himself drawn to her and wonders if it's right for his young quiet daughter should even be around scandal bound Emma.

Emma and David both agree to fight the growing attraction growing between them. They both can't help but be drawn to the other as David is the the rock Emma always needed and Emma was able to set David soul free. It was so beautiful how the relationship blossoms over a understandable amount of time that they just don't hop into bed with the other. The trials they face when troubles come a calling only build a deeper trust and understanding between one another.

I adored this addition to the Bancrofts of Barton Park with it's sensual and beautiful growing relationship with Emma and David as they found their second chances at love.

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