Unlacing Lady Thea by Louise Allen

Unlacing Lady TheaUnlacing Lady Thea by Louise Allen

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'You think I am a trifle old for the grand tour? I disagree. At twenty-eight I will appreciate things more.' The cat sneered, lifted one hind leg and began to groom itself intimately.
'Stop that. A gentleman does not wash his balls in the study.'

Louise Allen quickly throws the reader into the heart of the action and humor with our hero Rhys, Lord Denham, drunk, and planning and talking to the kitchen cat about his Grand Tour while Napoleon is on Elba.Then a sudden visitor knocks his plans some what astray.
Lady Althea (Thea) Curtiss arrives asking for help in running away from an unwanted marriage and in dire help. She turns to her old childhood friend Rhys for help.
These two unlikely traveling companions may have started off on a rocky and reluctant road, both soon realize their current journey is filled with more then adventure with their hearts on the line.

LA has written some wonderful on the road romance with delightful characters, never more so then Rhys and Thea.
Thea was such a great heroine. Unsuspecting with her somewhat meek demeanor she holds a quiet strength and good sense that gets her through some sticky situations even when faced with falling in love and the chance of heartbreak. She embraced life with open arms and gave Rhys a nice kick in the pants from his way of thinking and uncovering his hidden heart.

Rhys was at times an adorable pain in the butt. He could at times be demeaning toward Thea not seeing her as the young striking woman she's become, instead of the plain jane girl he remembers. Rhys being so thick-headed did get a little old quick. Of course his wake-up call couldn't have happen to a better person and no sooner.

Rhys buried his heart after heartbreak while Thea still believed in love even after being disillusioned. The romance was very sensual and slow going as they rediscover the people they are then who they once were. They built on their attraction that formed in a healing and deep love.

With rich history spiced throughout the story and a wonderful fast paced book. Louise Allen creates another gem for us romance readers and fans to fall in love with and enjoy.

ARC Courtesy of Netgalley

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