A Promise of Spring by Mary Balogh

A Promise of Spring (Web, #4)A Promise of Spring by Mary Balogh

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I adore the marriage of convenience theme greatly. It gives the author room to have the characters adjust in a situation that is new and scary. The biggest lure for me was the older woman, younger man something of a treat and surprise as it's rarely seen.

A Promise of Spring started off very nicely. You get the lay of the land with a backstory of the village and our main couple and what drew them together in the first place. I was both relieved to have the heroine, Grace Howard, lay it out on the table. Her past of not being a virgin and the death of her son, the rift that this caused her brother who helped her through the years and herself of the family. Grace showed such an amazing strength in the beginning I stood in awe of her as she and Perry marry and get to know one another. Until her ex-lover shows up on the scene.
This, I could have done without. There was enough angst and uncertainty for Perry and Grace that a asshat from the past wasn't needed for this couple. This is where Grace faulted for me. Her hemming and hawing about Gareth (her ex) was such a change from the strength she showed in the beginning- it didn't feel like her.

Perry was a big ol' sweetheart. His charm was his joy and happiness of everyday things. His adjustment of being married to a older woman was a tad tedious in thought at times but somewhat understandable from a man's view as he wasn't sure of Grace herself not of her age- the number. Her grows into himself of being sure, that made him even more precious as he gives Grace the power to make her own choices. Like Grace I felt he also hemming and hawing with his feelings, Grace and Gareth. I think he really should have put himself out there sooner instead of letting it drag on and on.

Each character were human and scared of trying to put their heart on the line. This was great. It just dragged with to many hindrances. Sometimes you got to take a big chance and step up to the plate. I felt Grace and Perry needed to do this - sooner.

This still was a nice novel with a couple getting to know one another in marriage and not outside of it and with Mary Balogh’s amazing writing style it still a great read, just not a keeper for me.

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