Sugarplum Surprises by Elisabeth Fairchild

Sugarplum SurprisesSugarplum Surprises by Elisabeth Fairchild

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There's something about Fairchild's poetic style of writing that always draws me in. She does it once again with 'Sugarplum Surprises' which held a few nice surprises with it's Christmas Cinderella theme. The two leads a duke and a dressmaker are running from past and present hurts. Slowly uncovering and healing each other scars and finding love around Christmas just made this book just so sweet.

When Jane Nichol ran away from home she found her niche as a disguise dressmaker - Madame Nicolette. With the recent called off wedding of Edward Bridges, the Duke of Chandrose. Jane is left with a whole wardrobe of clothing and not a cent to her name. She appears as herself in front of the duke and asks for his help in this matter. Thinking the matter would rest there, Jane is surprised when the duke is able to see behind her disguise and what to undercover her past.
Jane was a calm and cool heroine. She fought hard for her independence by working with her hands and doing something she enjoyed. She turns Edward's head and mind-set and breaking him outta his stiff formal boundaries.

Edward is a duke through and through. Raised to be proper and to pave the way for his family. He's the one to call off the wedding after talking with his fiancée. After meeting the 'young" dressmaker, just talking with her starts to open new wounds and raise new hopes.
Edward is a hidden romantic. He used the cold veer to hide his pain and while I was a little iffy on the sudden love from his ex-fiancée to Jane. Fairchild does a creditable job of showing the emotions and the difference between duty, infatuation and understanding and real love.

The ending was the only bump in the road. It felt rushed and a little off. This is quickly righted as Jane and Edward get their own HEA.
This was such an enjoyable holiday read with some great history of Bath and the surprises that come in Plum Pudding and true love.

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