Portrait of a Scandal by Annie Burrows

Portrait of a ScandalPortrait of a Scandal by Annie Burrows

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Once in awhile I enjoyed some plain brain candy. 'Portrait of a Scandal" was pretty much candy from start to finish. Predicable enough it was the reunited sweethearts theme that drew me to this book to begin with.
Once madly in love with the other, Lord Nathan Harcourt broke it off when a rumor reaches his ears that Amethyst Dalby is not all she appears to be. From that sudden drop, Amethyst pain and hurt becomes full blown man-hate which was nurtured by her wealthy aunt who passed everything to her upon her death. Amethyst on a trip to Paris is surprised to run into Nathan who is making ends meet with his art. When they meet again old feelings rise and perhaps it's time to put old ghosts to rest..until truth and love catch up to the couple.

I enjoyed the development of each character as they both turned out okay. Enough draw to keep me reading anyhow. Amethyst was a complete shrew at times, her hate of men and Nathan was really always in front for most of the major part of the story. And while love conquerors all, it was Amethyst who had to humble herself to see what her hat has done to close her off to everything else life has to offer.

Nathan was alright, he did surprise me a time or two with being so upfront with his faults and for believing the worse without proof and not going to the person and asking upfront. On the other hand, he knew what he was doing deep down and only truly wanted to gain his father's approval dumping Amethyst and broking her heart and trust in the progress. To marry the woman he father choose. I think I would have enjoyed Nathan's character more if he get off the guilt trip when he's shown in bright lights that it was all a lie.
It's understandable to feel guilt, but it would have made him appear stronger if he try to earn forgiveness instead of trying to make up for the wrong he's done (and pretty much have sex with Amethyst more often instead of showing more of his caring side- it only proved he was good in bed and a rake) He did seem to be on the right track until a sudden last second misunderstanding ruined it for me.

This was what truly knocked the rating down another star, but it showed who grew the most in the book.
The book ended up being an okay read. While you knew what track the book was going, there's always room for a nice time-waster and some brain candy on an sunny afternoon.

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