A Noble Groom by Jody Hedlund

A Noble GroomA Noble Groom by Jody Hedlund

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Jody Hedlund takes the reader on a journey in a time in the US I didn't know about, she brought it to life through her amazing writing.

In the 1880's many German immigrants make a living in rural Michigan. Breaking away from the old country they still live by much of the traditions they carried from their homeland. Analise, has struggle to make ends meat with her land and her good for nothing husband's recent death. With her father deciding who she marry next, she awaits a cousin from the old country and is surprised and leery of the stranger who ends up at her front door.
Carl von Reichert is a nobleman on the run from a murder he didn't comment. In order to save his neck, she makes his way Michigan in hopes of laying low until everything is cleared up or to start a new life. As a nobleman, Carl hasn't pay attention to the commoners who work on his father's land or their strife they must endure. An inventor working on Analise farm, opens his eyes to a different side of life. Even as he comes to love Analise and her daughters, his past comes back to haunt him and it takes love and faith to break free and start anew.

As a history buff, I enjoy reading about periods of time I know nothing about. It's like a surprise gift as you delve into place and people who effected us even today. Hedlund does this amazing job with early Michigan and the immigrants who came to the US to build anew. The story is at times harsh for the period of time lives in. You worked hard to survive. At the same time, their great joy when one finds one's strength.
Carl was never an unlikeable person, even when he thought he shouldn't have to dirty his hands. He's change is about the road that may lead you isn't the one you thought it would be, but is the right one you needed to be.
Analise grew as well, from bending to the rules restricted by her father the men in her life and old traditions. Also learning to trust and have faith after being burned so badly before.
Carl and Analise were so amazing they didn't go off the deep end or do something "modern" staying true to the period of time while being amazing and overcoming their trials.

The trials from stopping a greedy man to fighting nature's own wrath, Carl and Analise strength and discovered faith never comes across as something overdone or overly preaching. It flows within the story making it a joy to read...

Jody Hedlund has become a author I'm been happy to have discovered with her detail to history and her wonderful writing skills, she's become my newest to-buy author.

..Plus this cover doesn't hurt either ;D

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