Something Strange and Deadly by Susan Dennard

Something Strange and Deadly (Something Strange and Deadly, #1)Something Strange and Deadly by Susan Dennard

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Sometimes (or all the time) it hard to describe something you've come across in one word. For me it was easy this time Something Strange and Deadly by Susan Dennard was compelling.
From page one I was quickly drawn into this world which she created with The Dead taking over 1876 Philadelphia and a young woman- Eleanor Fitt ending up stuck in the middle. Eleanor and her family live on the fringe of society after the death of her father. Add to that her brother has gone off into the world without a word in three years and on the day he's to return home, he disappears. His last letter in the hands of one of the dead.

Eleanor hears about Spirit Hunters who maybe able to help find her brother, she feels that she can trust them expect perhaps their inventor, Daniel who makes her crazy and runs the gauntlet of emotions when she's around him. As she and the spirit hunters start to gather more clues, time is running against them before a foe over runs the city with dead and who may be closer then they thought...

With shatter of steampunk elements the world, the paranormal element is truly the tour de force. All the elements are weaved masterfully. In the center of it all was an amazing heroine in Eleanor who was smart, and ready to stand in fight with a whack of a parasol. Most of all she dearly loved her family and tried to keep her mother going and a brother, Elijah, she misses and worries. Many of the shining moments was her discovering more about the Dead and fighting along side the Spirit Hunters, and bantering with Daniel.

Oh Daniel was so swoon-worthy and these two just seem to bring out the worse and and the very best in one another. At a time I was a little peeved it would have a love triangle. Thankfully, that was avoided (as I didn't care to much for the other guy anyways)

The trouble I had overall with the story wads the lack of world building. Much of the story relied on the characters. This can only take one so far and a world or foundation is needed to expand.

Still for me this was small in comparison to the rest. This was such an amazing story with some twists and sad turns and a not so bad cliffhanger that there's so much to look forward to in this series.


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