Secrets of a Gentleman Escort by Bronwyn Scott

Secrets of a Gentleman EscortSecrets of a Gentleman Escort by Bronwyn Scott

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I have a few weaknesses for somethings in life. Gummy Bears(only sweets I tend to eat),Books(of course), Art Supplies(hours spent in hobby lobby alone), Secrets of a Gentleman Escort by Bronwyn Scott hit on another weakness of mine- sensual books.
There's something very captivating when an author seduces the reader with mean words. She does a wonderful job creating the perfect escort in Nicholas D'Arcy. Charming and delicious, this boy gets into some trouble with a angry husband and he's forced to flee the countryside. Where he meets Annorah Price-Ellis wanting to break free from the cage she's been placed. Annorah may have been caged by it's not only she who is free, but is able to free Nick from the ghosts from his past.

Nick and Annorah were such an wonderful couple. They matched wits and minds. They found something in the other that gave them strength and courage. Nick had his own troubles and guilt for something he found himself at fault. This caused him to run and he kept running. Days with Annorah find Nick dropping the escort mask and really becoming himself.
Annorah had to hide from society. Being rich and having men being thrown at her head at every corner or having men trying to compromise her for her money. She's not going to be back into a corner and takes a risk on hiring Nick. Nick brings back the simple joys of life she's forgotten.

The pace of the book was on the ball. It didn't slow but there was a hiccup when it came toward the end. I didn't care for the evil ex-suitor or the greedy aunt that caused a force separation between Nick and Annorah. I felt this should have been avoided, relying more on the conflict of Nick giving up his escort life and those repercussions.

Secrets of a Gentleman Escort was such a wonderful story with great leads and a appealing romance that it was a hard book to put down for this romance reader.
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