Endless by Amanda Gray

EndlessEndless by Amanda Gray

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This was something so beautifully whimsical about Endless by Amanda Gray. I enjoyed the shift between now and the end of innocence that was Romanov Russia.
Jenny Kramer has always had a gift of touch that brings forth the past life of the person she touches. Of late one dream has been haunting her of a young man named "Nikolai" who seems to be calling to her. When she meets and befriends Ben Daulton they come across a music box that triggers shared past lives and a clue to something more. Things only seem to become even more complicated when Nikolai walks into her life...

I'm not one for time travel romances as there's a type of formula to them. Endless gave the reader a different view with dire consequences for time traveling, a Order who upholds the law when someone travels. This wrapped up a quiet world where Endless takes place. It was a great contrast for the past jumps of Russia where there was much unrest but almost a foreshadowing to what it would bring to this time and the the unrest that would cloud the present.

Jenny was a level headed heroine who won me over with thinking things through and not jumping into danger and doing her research and picking up clues along the way. While the burden she carries is tough one, she doesn't buckle but this makes it hard to connect to others around her. As she befriends Ben it's clear these two have alot in common and it's great to see Ben growing from a cold quiet guy to someone who will stand beside Jenny now then someone who couldn't in the past...

The romance was very sweet and somewhat quickly developed. Nikolai was dreamy and all that would make a perfect boyfriend making him a little bit of a mystery and for me a little shallow. Not being able to truly grasp more of what makes him who he is. Being that this is the first book in the series I can accept this for now...

As the first book the foundation was strong the characters were a tad shallow in their history. This lays a building mystery in how everyone is connected to not only one another but how the keepers of time - The Order - is really pulling the strings.

It does leave you with a cliffhanger with alot of loose ends that I can't wait to see what the duo writers of Amanda Gray have in store with this series.

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