The Sum of All Kisses by Julia Quinn

The Sum of All Kisses (Smythe-Smith Quartet, #3)The Sum of All Kisses by Julia Quinn

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This book triggered an old memory as I read..
When in class we're stuck learning to dance. With a friend as my dance partner, the first steps were awkward, there was some major stumbling and few tumbles. Slowly, the steps started to glide together, the steps go easier and even as we started to master the dance there was still a few trip ups but the joy of dancing on air was something that can't be describe.

The Sum of All Kisses was much like that. There was alot of awkwardness when Lord Hugh Prentice and Lady Sarah Pleinsworth first met where there's still alot of anger and unanswered questions. Sarah still hasn't forgiven Hugh for the heartache he put her family through with the duel and her cousin Daniel being chased from home. Hugh is still dealing the effects of this duel with a ruined leg and his very crazy father.
As peace finally reigns for both families things come to head for these two when their stuck together for a week and surprised when a spark flares between them..

I've been waiting for Hugh's story and I wasn't disappointed! This story just felt different like JQ tapped into one of the later Brighton's books with a more depth and less fluff for her characters. She had awkward sentences and conversations between Hugh and Sarah that at times were bothersome, but was creative as it reflective on how they acted around each other or tried to.
Both didn't have the greatness first impression so it was a great dance to see them become friends. This I truly treasured it made it stand even more out for me. They became friends who slowly started to understand one another and become to know one another and that became wholly romantic for me because they started to fall "in love" and not insta-love or have some misunderstanding throwing them together.

With Sarah being a tad selfish and Hugh being a tad gruff and a tad cool. To have them play off one another from arguments to falling in love had me grinning and sighing cause it made it all that more special because they were so human in their interactions.
I loved loved Hugh, from his way with numbers, his memory of the small things and his rare grins and especially his understanding that one can believe in unicorns even when your a grown up. He was perfect in his imprecations, his leg didn't stop him at anything and his scars he carried only made him that more of s special man who learned from his mistake and made him stronger from it.

Sarah could be blinded by her narrow mindedness but once she let go of her anger, she was able to see beyond it to the great man in front of her. She showed what a firebrand she is as she stood up the monster and slay a great dragon to prove her love to her man!

And those first kisses between the two were so smokin' The sensual level was yummy with great sexual tension I really miss in HR's now of days!

It was heartbreaking when Hugh's past is shown and the death deal was reveled. (view spoiler)

This quickly became one of my all time favorite JQ books and romance books. It was sensual and charming and oh so romantic- One of JQ's best!

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