The Seduction of Lady Phoebe (The Marriage Game, #1) by Ella Quinn

The Seduction of Lady Phoebe (The Marriage Game, #1)The Seduction of Lady Phoebe by Ella Quinn

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Ella Quinn delivers a sweet ball of fluff in 'The Seduction of Lady Phoebe' at a tender age Phoebe falls in love with Lord Marcus a 20 yr old second wastrel son whose on the verge of being banished to the west Indies. Marcus has fallen head over heels for the then not out Phoebe, and before he's sent off to far off lands he wants to make a bid for her hand and ask her to run away with him. Drunk for liquid courage, he tries to steal a kiss from Phoebe, only for her to knock her block off and tell him off. Breaking her heart in the progress, Phoebe vows she'll be leery of love and the men who come into her life.

Eight years later a very mature and different Marcus comes back to England as his older brother is dying and now he must take over being the new heir. But he never has forgotten Phoebe and when a chance encounter with her, Marcus thinks it's his second chance to finally win the heart of the woman he's always love.

Like a sweet piece of candy 'The Seduction of Lady Phoebe' was a nice little read that the reader can devour in a short amount of time. It was breezy and fun with the interactions between the characters, but like any treat it wasn't always just as sweet.

I loved Marcus, he learned from his mistake and owned up to it with words and actions. That alone made him stand out. He was willing to bend over backwards to let Phoebe set the pace of their courtship and protect her from any harm as being her 'knight'. It was very sweet to see how much he's loved Phoebe and fell in love with the older Phoebe and her ideas and thoughts.
Phoebe at times was a hard to understand. Now as a girl, I've been in her shoes with guys trying to act up and yes, I to had to blooded some noses. At the tender shelter age of 15, I could understand perfectly why it hurt Phoebe so much for Marcus to have acted the way he did. At the same time, I didn't understand why she held it against him for so long, when she's had to deal with older, mature asshats trying to steal a kiss. And she was still friends with those asshats to boot. The explanation was because she loved him and held him on a pedestal. And I think that was the beauty there was that not only did Marcus have to do some growing up but Phoebe did also, let go of the past and see the present for what it is and the wonderful man Marcus turned out to be.
Thankfully, Phoebe does get her act together and the sensual tension and scenes between her and Marcus was so nicely done it match the mood of the overall story.

The other trouble I had with the story was the second half of the sudden villain out to ruin Marcus and Phoebe. That dragged on way to long IMHO and really wasn't needed. I think the book would have been just perfect with these two love birds finding each other again with their family also trying to get them together fun and it would have made a higher rating in my books.

Still, the book was just adorable with a super cute epilogue to top of this very sweet debut.

ARC courtesy of Netgalley

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