Pride and Precipitation by Heather Horrocks

Pride and Precipitation (Chick Flick Clique Romantic Comedy Novella #1)Pride and Precipitation by Heather Horrocks

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Life for Breezy Jones is going good. An award winning meteorologist following in her father's footsteps. With her cheery outlook she's become very popular in her small town of Aspen Grove.
That all changes when the station is sold and a new general manager, Noah Drake starts making changes that effect everything that is Breezy's dream. To add more fuel to the fire Breezy's more at a lost with a growing attraction between her and Noah and their differences just keeping them apart.

It's always nice to curl up with a cute book and Pride and Precipitation was just a plain cute romance, with shades of Pride and Prejudice and Pollyanna this book had a great cozy town feeling to in along with good solid characters.
Breezy gets hit hard when changes take away her from her dream, getting her replaced diva and makes her a mere weather assistant. Wanting to keep a positive outlook she works hard while trying to keep a lid on her almost instant attractive/dislike to her new boss Noah after overhearing some not so nice things. Things finally come to head for Breezy when she finally quits and it's in Noah's court to win her back!

Noah is at times a jaded manager, wanting to get the job done, rack up higher ratings and move on to another job. Of, course he hits a road block that is Breezy. He can't get over how cheerful and positive she is and starts to realize he's falling in love, but winning her is going to take everything he's got in order to prove his heart.

Both leads were adorable, the romance had a soft touch to it as they both slowly fall in love with the other. Making the story a clean read with just some kissing. The trouble I did have was the dance around Noah and Breezy go through as Noah gets hit hard with lower ratings, bad emails demanding Breezy back and wanting Breezy back himself.

Breezy on the other hand helps out an ex-bf while she's job hunting. I think this separation could have been shorten and perhaps an added tension for the couple to perhaps get a chance to get closer and know one another sooner. Once these two do get together is was heart warming and brought a happy, silly smile to my face.

Like a sweet delicious treat this was just wonderful read. I'm so happy to have discovered this wonderful author, how she was able to create characters that ended up being lovable and having a greater dimension to them. Giving this series and the small town of Aspen Grove plenty of room to grow!

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