Blackmoore by Julianne Donaldson

Blackmoore: A Proper RomanceBlackmoore: A Proper Romance by Julianne Donaldson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Like a dancing crystal in the sunlight with it's many angles of clear and dark, catching a ray of light to a dance of many colors. Julianne Donaldson create such a fascinating tale with Blackmoore with it's pure tale of love and heartache, a play on dark and light, catching that happiness to shine color on the reader with it's story.

Blackmoore introduced such an heartfelt and true heroine in Kate Worthington. She sometimes acted her age but carried an old soul with sad, jaded, eyes. Kate has seen the harsh reality of love gone wrong with her parents and an abusive, controlling love from her Mother. Kate longs.."needs".. to be free to fly away and find peace within herself. Her wish is to go with her Aunt to India away, but making a dead-end deal with her Mother to reject three marriage proposals, she finds her dream slipping away unless she asks for the help of her childhood friend and the boy she's scared to love- Henry Delafield.

While all the POV is of Kate's view, JD creativity was done so well, you slowly along along with Kate fall in love with Henry over and over again. Henry was/is the anchor in the stormy sea Kate lived. He gave laughter, adventure her soul craved, mostly he gave her endless hope and unconditionally love. He had his own demons to fight a broken heart broken and mended time and again but the strength to let his love one fly away.

There was so many great subplots with an almost Gothic feel to it with Blackmoore with the ocean and cliffs being front and center and many stories swirling around it. It added to the atmosphere as Kate has to deal and try to solve her dilemma. Told in past and present tense, the reader is shown as to why Kate is the way she is and what has caused her to do what she's done.

Every moment I enjoyed the unfolding story along with the sweet romance building between Kate and Henry. There was many bumps in the road that torn at your heart as a reader, hoping for that long hard fought HEA.

One thing that kept me from it being a perfect score was the lack of understanding of Kate's Mother and Henry's Mother rivalry. It was told that Kate's mother tried to flirt with Henry's Dad but he turned her down. That of course would break any friendship but it never explained as to why Kate's Mom was the way she was. Why she went out of her way to flirt with any man who crossed her path and determined to control her daughter's lives so closely. The reader has to assume she was just a psycho but I think it would have been good to have explained.

By the end I think I cried two months worth of happy tears with such a wonderful and beautiful ending. Julianne Donaldson quickly became one of my all time favorite authors with her amazing writing style and amazing story that I will come back to and re-read over and over again.

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