The Runaway Countess by Amanda McCabe

The Runaway CountessThe Runaway Countess by Amanda McCabe

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When Happy Ever After isn't enough, there's work to be done and so many chances to grab onto before it's to late.

I find books such as The Runaway Countess appealing when a marry couple has work still to be done in order for them to finally be happy. And any of us know from being in any type of relationship, there's going to be arguments and there's going to be heartache. It's the hard times that make the good times all that more sweeter.

Things start to go downhill after a whirlwind courtship and marriage between Sarah & Hayden. Hayden still lingers in the society where his parents just focus on the next party or drink leaving separate lives away from each other and their only son.
Hayden while he loves Sarah just can't seem to separate himself from the life he's lived even after the miscarriages Sarah goes through.

Sarah has had enough, after Hayden comes in drink from one more party after the lost of her last baby, she tries one more time to reach for Hayden, but Hayden pushes her away- so she walks away from Hayden and their marriage.

Three years later Sarah writes to Hayden for a divorce. Hayden can't get his head or his heart around this, so he decides to pay a visit to Sarah and her sister. Perhaps gaining one more chance from the only woman he loved.

At times it was hard to like Hayden. He was a party boy who thought the way he was acting was the total norm. Which in society at the time it was. Only Sarah wanted and needed more and he didn't know how to give. Hayden needed a few hard knocks to get him on the ball. He does slip back into his old habits at one time (thankfully he never-ever cheats on Sarah with another woman). It's only seeing the effect his actions have caused Sarah up close and personal does he finally let go of the past.

Sarah was the quiet strength. She took charge of her life and her actions and but even when it broke her heart to leave Hayden, she knew she couldn't keep living a lie. Her strength and love is what brings Hayden back to earth. She wasn't perfect or a saint, but a woman who wanted her husband to be with her through thick and thin.

The trouble with both Hayden and Sarah is they needed some growing up to do. They needed to grow up in order to handle the challenges that life would throw at them. And life can be tough and even though they both failed at the first hurtle they both dusted themselves off and tried it again. That was the true beauty of this book, the couple trying to work it out and learning from their mistakes.

There was some weak spots with Hayden going back to his old habits when his friends visit for a day giving the sudden villain a chance to cause trouble for Sarah's sister. This seem out context I would have liked it more of the focus to between the healing of Hayden and Sarah.

I really loved this story, the gentle pace of the story along with a couple making it a go at it to heal their broken hearts proving that Happy Ever After does take work but it well worth it when she share it with the ones you love.
I'm looking to reading about Sarah's sister and the trouble no doubt she'll get into!

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