The Laird's Forbidden Lady by Ann Lethbridge

The Laird's Forbidden LadyThe Laird's Forbidden Lady by Ann Lethbridge

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There's something very appealing with two characters that are on different sides of the scope trying to find middle ground, understanding and love.

We first meet fun loving Lady Selina in Captured for the Captain's Pleasure, raised as a young girl in the highlands, she falls in love and has her heart broken when she's shunned for who she is. This lesson taught her never to trust her heart and emotions until she meets her first love again...Ian Gilvry, Laird of Dunross.

Ian has had his hands full with trying to keep his clan together and trying to stay one step ahead of the authorities with smuggling. Things come to ahead when he comes across Selina again. He knows to stay away from the enemy English lord’s daughter of his clan, but the pull is to strong and things heat up with trouble comes a calling and throws these together and a second chance at love.

The differences between Selina and Ian were believable. There was a lot of mistrust on both sides that was a long time building between English Lords and Scottish’s Clans and the laws that really suppressed the people making the rich, richer and the poor, poorer. Ian is a proud man and doesn’t bend as easy when it comes to Selina. Selina I liked as she tries to be the perfect daughter but trust and follow her gut when trouble is around.
You have a natural back and forth between the two that was enjoyable as they uncover what makes the other tick. The sexual tension was perfect and made the pages steaming. The trouble I did have was the miscommunication between the two that lasted a tad longer then I would have liked. Selina tried to see why Ian was doing what was doing. Ian just kept shutting her out and it takes a smack upside the head for him to wake up and see how much Selina means to him.

It was an overall enjoyable fast paced romantic story as two different people finally find and embrace love for what it is.

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