Rumors by Louise Allen

RumorsRumors by Louise Allen

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

There's just something thrilling when the leads are adversaries turned lovers.

Louise Allen writing charmed and captured me again with Rumors. LA creates not only a vivid and building romance between our leads but transports the reader Smack-dab in a very true place of Wimpole Hall with details that just add to the overall novel.

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Lady Isobel has had her fill with scandal that wasn't even her doing. Instead of acting the victim she puts her chin up and sails through the storm. To avoid any more whispers she sent to Wimpole Hall. There she meets one of the most beautiful men she's ever met. Only she finds out he may look beautiful on the outside, he's not so great when he opens his mouth!
Architect Giles Harker has had his filled with women throwing themselves at him because of his face and his background...So when he sees Isobel staring at him he thinks it's just more of the same thing and after some eavesdropping. Giles and Isobel finds themselves swords drawn between them.

But being stuck in one place just keeps throwing them together. Which helps them discover what lays behind their masks as they slowly start to fall in love and heal old wounds..

This was a purely driven by the characters. LA truly has a gift when it comes to creating strong engaging characters and Isobel shines bright of being strong in the face of tragedy. She can wield a sharp tongue to do damage while hiding a warm heart that can be easily broken. She's willing to put her heart on the line when it comes to love and she does this time and again for Giles who needs at times a big push to get over the past.

Giles's mother know as the Scarlet Widows is a illegitimate and because of this black mark, he's fought to be where he is now. He's drawn to Isobel quiet strength and her sad eyes. He respects Isobel alot and loves her deeply. He does prove that first impressions can be wrong! Faced with a few whispers that could lead to some heavy misunderstandings he takes things at face value and believes in her! YES! YES! YES!

One of shining spot of the novel was that events that could have lead to misunderstandings were quickly nip in the bub and only made it that much deeper with layers being peeled back as questions were slowly answered. Coming into the light and trusting your love ones lead to some wonderful and heartfelt surprises.

Another was the chemistry between Giles and Isobel that was delicious and something that I've missed reading in HRs- sexual tension that burned hot between the two.

Giles wasn't all perfect as he held back from being with Isobel that lasted almost to the bitter end. I understood his fear but he needed he man-up and just be with her! Of course the battle was hard won and the HEA was just beautiful.

In the end Rumors was such a wildly romantic story that hit the perfect pitch with my heart strings.

ARC Courtesy of Netgalley and Harlequin

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