A Broth of Betrayal (Soup Lover's Mystery, #2) by Connie Archer

A Broth of Betrayal (Soup Lover's Mystery, #2)A Broth of Betrayal by Connie Archer

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Connie Archer does it again with a page turner cozy I could not put down!
Summer brings with it alot of changes, heat, clothing but I don't think Lucky thought it bring some old bones, dead bodies, secrets plus add in a adduction. Time is running out to figure out how all these pieces fit..

Connie Archer writing flow smoothly and quickly with A Broth of Betrayal. She surprises her reader from page one giving us a different POV right off the bat.The town of snowflake is reading themselves for annual Revolutionary War re-enactment but things are pulled to a stand still when old bones found and the local auto repair Harry's body is found. Are these two linked somehow? Add to the mix the the disappearance of the Mayor. and the old bones aren't the only secrets being dug up around Snowflake.

Archer is slowly building the town of Snowflake and the people who live and visit there. Lucky to getting becoming more ground after the sudden death of her parents and scare from her tough grandfather Jack and her relationship with the local doctor is also slowly blooming.

While the book is usually in third person, it tended to follow Lucky and her interactions. This time around it branched off following some other players. While I liked it once or twice, I felt it kinda took away somewhat from the level of suspense and the need for Lucky to find out the clues faster, hoping she be in time to save the day.

Unlike other cozies, Archer does put a tint of bittersweetness at the end. It doesn't end on a super happy note, but one of deep reflection which is something I appreciated.

This series has become of my favorite cozies that I'm looking forward to more of this great series in anticipation!

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